As an applied researcher, I am interested in the human dimensions of the relationship between societies and their natural environments and the ecological principles that are necessary to understand cultural, social, political, and economic questions at a variety of geographic scales. In relation to all three aspects of the environment – natural, built, and social – my broad research agenda is to study how local socio-economic-environmental dynamics and global processes may influence human-environment interaction and vice versa. I have used sustainability, urban social ecology, and social-environmental justice as overarching concepts to define my recent research projects. Specific topics of these projects have included green stormwater infrastructure, food systems and urban agriculture, emergency hunger relief, urban land use and growth management, community engagement, built and natural environmental resources, flooding mitigation, stormwater and watershed management, and sustainable development. I use mixed-methods research techniques, including GIS analysis and visualization, surveys, interviews, field visits, and focus groups.

Public Presentation: EPA Urban Waters Grant 2012-14

Research Experience

Rowan University

2017: Principal Investigator, Ecological Urbanism: A Participatory Geodesign Process for Montessori School Master Plan ($14,000 – Montessori School and PA DEP’s Growing Greener program through Partnership for the Delaware Estuary)
2017 – 2018: Principal Investigator, Using Immersive and Multi-Sensory VR in Participatory Planning ($10,000 – Rowan University)
2017 – 2018: Co-Investigator, NJ Municipal Asset Profiler and Watershed Explorer ($62,000 – Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, PI: J. Hasse)

Temple University

2015 – 2016: Principal Investigator, Community Engagement in Re-Visioning Philadelphia’s Lower North Delaware Industrial District ($25,000 – US EPA)

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2014 – 2016: Principal Investigator, Visioning Green Stormwater Infrastructure Projects through a Community-Driven Geodesign Process ($60,000 – US EPA)

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2014 – 2016: GIS Analyst, An Integrated Strategy to Improve Green Infrastructure Approaches in Philadelphia ($1 million – US EPA)
2014 – 2016: GIS Analyst, Watershed Protection in Upstream Suburban Philadelphia Cluster ($1.235 million – William Penn Foundation)
2012 – 2014: Principal Investigator, Watershed-Based Stormwater Management Plan to Improve Water Quality through Community Engagement: Ambler Area Watersheds ($60,000 – US EPA)

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2010 – 2012: Principal Investigator, Impact Assessment of Projected and Alternative Land Use Development Patterns in Pennypack Creek Watershed ($50,000 – PA DEP)
2010 – 2011: Principal Investigator, Food Insecurity and Spatial Inequality in Lower-Income Urban Neighborhoods: Analyzing the Role of Community Gardens ($40,000 – PA DCED)
2010 – 2014: Co-Investigator, Wissahickon Creek Watershed Study ($500,000 – Philadelphia Water Department or PWD, Montgomery County Community Development Block Grant, PA DEP Safe Water, and participating municipalities)
2010: Co-Investigator, Sustainable 19125 Performance Measures Study ($20,000 – New Kensington Community Development Corporation, Philadelphia)
2007 – 2009: Principal Investigator, 3D GIS Visualization: Fort Washington Office Park Revitalization Project ($175,000 – PA DCED)
2006 – 2009: Principal Investigator, Philadelphia Community Food Access: The Need and Access to Hunger Relief Services ($104,000 – Philabundance, Pennsylvania)
2008 – 2010: Co-Investigator, Act 167 Plan for Pennypack Creek Watershed ($120,000 – PWD)
2007 – 2008: Principal Investigator, Upper Dublin Environmental Resources Inventory ($16,000 – Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania)
2006 – 2008: Co-Investigator, Fort Washington Area Flooding and Transportation Improvement Study ($420,000 – US Federal Transportation Earmark through Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania)
2005 – 2012: Co-Investigator, Temple – Villanova Sustainable Stormwater Initiative ($440,000 – William Penn Foundation and $212,220 – PA DEP Growing Greener)
2005 – 2006: Co-Investigator, Sandy Run and Ambler Area Watersheds Project ($200,000 – Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA)
2003 – 2006: Co-Investigator (Co-Chair, GIS Mapping and Data Analysis Committee), Applying the EPA’s Regional Vulnerability Assessment (ReVA) Approach to the Pennypack Creek Watershed ($300,000 – PA DEP and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA)
2002 – 2006: Co-Investigator, Pennypack Creek Watershed Study ($330,000 – William Penn Foundation, $192,500 – FEMA, and $100,000 – participating municipalities)
2003 – 2004: Co-Investigator, Milford Township Growth Management Plan ($80,000 – HUD, through Milford Township, Pennsylvania)
2001 – 2002: Research Assistant, State of the Region, The Regional Institute, SUNY Buffalo
2000 – 2001: Research Assistant, (i) Buffalo Community-Based Healthy Homes Initiative, (ii) Bethel Village Head Start Project, and (iii) The Health Status of the Near East Side Black Community: A Study of Wellness and Neighborhood Conditions, Center for Urban Studies, SUNY Buffalo