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Design CharretteMy Advanced GIS course in spring 2016 provided opportunity to Temple students to participate in an EPA-funded study. Sixteen students from Community and Regional Planning, Community Development, Landscape Architecture, Public Health, and Environmental Engineering were enrolled in the course as an elective. The aim of the $60,000 study funded through the EPA Urban Waters Small Grant program was to develop green stormwater infrastructure plans for three sites located in North Philadelphia communities. As a result, the site plans included recreation retrofits and other amenities in addition to green stormwater projects.

This is an advanced planning methods course, which focuses on geospatial and visualization techniques, including several ArcGIS extensions, CommunityViz, Adobe Creative Suite, and SketchUp. This semester students were able to learn these technical skills and apply them in a real-world project. Students participated in the study in several ways, including facilitating small group discussions at community design charrettes, visiting the sites, designing conceptual plans for the reuse of the sites, and conducting a GIS suitability analysis.