What the students said about my class on Spatial Planning with Digital Visualization (Spring 2015):

“The instructor used a professional GIS project framework so that many of our assignments built on previous assignments and contributed to the final project. It helped provide a coherent understanding of how the tools/skills are used professionally.”

“I really enjoyed that the class was more of a project based class than a lecture based class.”

“Having the focus of the class assignments and final project be about a real world project scenario was a huge plus for this course.”

“He was very helpful and available to answer any questions or go through any assignments that we had questions on. There was a lot of material covered in this class, and I think Meenar did an amazing job teaching the material.”

“Dr. Meenar is flexible and always willing to make sure students are keeping up with the lectures. He is quick at responding to emails and flexible with his office hours.”

“The professor did a really excellent job explaining objectives, expectations, and class material. He was well organized, on-time, and easy to access outside of class. I enjoyed the in-class labs and the exposure to some of the advanced GIS techniques made available during this course.”

“Dr. Meenar is always highly organized and very approachable. I find that he respects his students, who in turn respect him. He outlines his expectations clearly, gives feedback appropriately and objectively, and cares very much about the learning of his students.”