What the students said about my class on Spatial Analysis Techniques/GIS (Fall 2014):

“During the course of the semester the Professor gave exacting feedback on projects and assignments which allowed for a better and more complete learning experience. The professor was always available for questions outside of classroom hours which helped immensely as we only met once a week for class.”

“The instructor used the software we were learning professionally, so it was helpful to me that he gave real world experiences and feed back for the assignments.”

“The instructor’s course format is very structured and hands-on. This has been super helpful in furthering not only my knowledge of ArcGIS, but of my knowledge in the field of GIS. The instructor welcomes diversity, especially in assignments and projects.”

“Dr. Meenar is very intelligent, friendly and engaged. He was always available to answer questions via email or in person, meet outside of class time, provided opportunity for extra credit, had other background information about the course which provided a more holistic learning experience. Dr. Meenar treated everyone with respect, dignity with a little bit of humor. I think he is a highly valuable asset to the School of Environmental Design.”

“The visual aspect of the class contributed most to my learning, and his ability to help us visually analyze data.”

“Dr. Meenar was both knowledgeable and well prepared for class. His lesson planning was effective, providing both lecture and opportunity to practice.”

“Professor Meenar clearly stated what was expected before and after each class. He provided support in a timely manner, and was always present prior to the beginning of every class. He also was always more than prepared for each class, and was more than willing to meet before or after any class to discuss any issues. He is one, if not the best, professor I have had at Temple Ambler through his expectation setting, his consistency, and the organized and clear manner that he presented each topic.”